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Facing discrimination

Lesson about discrimination and getting to know the online toolbox Stories that Move
  • citizenship
  • discrimination
  • prejudice
  • Dutch
  • English
  • secondary education basic
  • secondary education advanced
  • secondary vocational education

In this lesson, students examine how discrimination happens, who is responsible and what actions you can take if you witness or are a victim of discrimination. They focus on the stories of two young people who have experienced discrimination, and explore their own reactions through questions and exercises.

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secondary education basic, secondary education advanced, secondary vocational education
45 minuten
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manual, LessonUp digital lesson

Stories that Move is a free online tool for teaching about diversity and discrimination, based on real stories and experiences of young people. You can use this lesson to introduce how Stories that Move works. If you feel inspired, have a look at www.storiesthatmove.org, where you can register for free. An account gives access to all the Stories that Move videos and teaching materials.