Digital lesson about Anne Frank

Introduction to Anne Frank and the Second World War
  • Anne Frank
  • Second World War

In this introductory lesson for tablet or digital blackboard, the students find out more about her story, the history of the persecution of the Jews, and the Second World War. As their teacher, you will gain an insight into their knowledge level and the questions they have.

30 min.
Consists of
Consists of
Word web, Timeline, Digital lesson, Manual

Lesson contents

The lesson starts with creating two wordwebs, one about Anne Frank and one about the Second World War. The students are then shown five pictures with captions. After watching the film clip, they get to put the pictures in the right order. 

The students then go on to fill two timelines with historical images from the Second World War and photos from the life of Anne Frank. It will help them see how the events from the Second World War are connected with the personal history of Anne Frank.

Additional teacher’s manual

The extensive teacher’s manual contains the following downloads:

  • A step-by-step overview of the lesson, with lesson aims and key objectives.  
  • An overview with the assignments in a worksheet format.
  • Background information about the life story of Anne Frank within the context of the Second World War. 


This digital lesson is available in Dutch, English, German, Portuguese (BR) and Spanish.