Anne Frank House launches bot for Messenger


March 21, 2017 — Today - on International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination - the Anne Frank House bot for Messenger was launched by Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands (StartupDelta Special Envoy).

The AI-powered bot is designed to provide people with information on the life story of Anne Frank in a personalized chat conversation, as well as practical visitor information on the Anne Frank House.

With over 1 billion users monthly, Messenger is one of the most used mobile platforms globally, and gives the Anne Frank House an opportunity to engage with people around the world in a very personal way. The Anne Frank House is one of the first museums worldwide to use this technology on the Messenger platform.

Anne Frank House bot

With the introduction of the Anne Frank House bot for Messenger, future visitors can receive personalized and instant answers to questions 24 hours a day. The bot is designed to inspire people to not only absorb visitor-related information, but also to discover educational information about the life of Anne Frank.

Ronald Leopold, managing director Anne Frank Foundation: 'We want to share the life story of Anne Frank with as many people as possible. People from all over the world can now receive instant answers to their questions about Anne Frank, her family, Anne's diary, and the era they lived in. With this bot, Facebook Netherlands offers us an innovative possibility to reach a big audience, especially youngsters.'

Launch by Prince Constantijn of Orange

The Anne Frank House bot for Messenger was launched today at the Anne Frank House by Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, StartupDelta Special Envoy. Prince Constantijn welcomes the innovative cooperation between the Anne Frank House and Facebook: 'There is a growing community of start-ups in the Netherlands to grab the chances new technologies offer. This bot, developed by a start-up, is more than a fun gadget. It is a way to reach people all over the world and inform them about Anne Frank’s life and warn them for the risks and effects of racism and discrimination. That is ultimately what new technologies should be used for: to better our lives and concur the challenges society faces.'

The role of artificial intelligence

The bot is powered by deep learning AI from msg.ai, which means that the bot learns to understand consumer intent and context to predict and provide 1-on-1 content, information or engagement users are seeking. 'The digital consumer experience is on the cusp of the most significant change since the smartphone. Messaging is becoming the new browser and the on-demand gateway to consumer life, with Artificial Intelligence being the new user interface', said Puneet Mehta, Founder and CEO, msg.ai. 'With the new bot, Anne Frank House is providing consumers with the digital experience of the future: individualized, informative, immediate and seamless across the entire consumer journey. We're thrilled that the msg.ai deep learning platform is part of such a ground-breaking program.'

Anne Frank House and Facebook

The Anne Frank House partnered with Facebook Netherlands as the mission of the museum can be supported by the innovative technologies developed by Facebook. 'This project hits the core of our mission to bring innovation to the Netherlands,' says Arno Lubrun, country director, Facebook Netherlands. 'We are proud that we can help promote the Anne Frank House’s mission of telling Anne Frank's story to as many people as possible through technology, showing how the Messenger platform and AI can support a Dutch museum with such an international impact to connect with an even greater audience.'