Silver medal for Anne Frank House museum catalogue


March 7, 2019 — The museum catalogue of the Anne Frank House has won the Silver Medal in the competition for the ‘Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt’ (‘Most Beautiful Books in the World’), as announced by the international jury in Leipzig today.

Irma Boom was responsible for the design, and Elias van der Plicht wrote the text.

Today’s international award followed on the national award received in the 2018 Best Dutch Book Designs competition. Together with the other award-winning books, the museum catalogue will be exhibited at the Leipziger Buchmesse.

Museum Catalogue

The museum catalogue begins with the birth of Anne Frank, the emigration of the Frank family from Nazi Germany to the Netherlands and the years at Merwedeplein square in Amsterdam, goes on to tell about life in hiding, the arrest and deportation of the eight people who lived in the Secret Annex and ends with Otto Frank’s return from Auschwitz to Amsterdam, where he committed himself to publishing Anne's diary and opening the former hiding place to the public.

Guest writers

The catalogue contains five essays by guest writers who place Anne Frank's life story in a wider context, and who discuss the persecution of the Jews and the Second World War in the Netherlands. In his essay 'How unique was the Secret Annex?’, Jaap Cohen writes about hiding in the occupied Netherlands. 

Photos and images

Form and content are woven together and the catalogue contains many historical photographs and colourful images, among other things of the rooms in the main house and the Secret Annex and of the covers of Anne's novels and study books.

The museum catalogue costs 13.50 euros and is available in eight languages from the (online) museum shop of the Anne Frank House.