New exhibition of drawings by Huck Scarry


July 10, 2019 — ‘Life in the Secret Annex' is the title of the new temporary exhibition in the Anne Frank House, showing the original illustrations Huck Scarry made for the book ‘All about Anne'.

Studies and sketches of details from the Secret Annex are alternated with atmospheric drawings of the time Anne lived here in hiding.

The Secret Annex during the period in hiding

Huck Scarry's original drawings (and some enlargements) show in detail and with great sensitivity how the rooms of the Secret Annex were furnished when Anne Frank and the others lived there in hiding. The drawings illustrate what life in the Secret Annex was like. We see, for instance, how Anne Frank shared her room with Fritz Pfeffer and how she extended her too-short bed with two chairs. A series of drawings explains how the bookcase became the entrance to the Secret Annex and how the people living there could open and close it.

Biggest challenge

The renowned illustrator, who lives in Switzerland, visited the Anne Frank House several times to be able to make his drawings. He would often go early in the morning, before opening hours.

‘For me, drawing these illustrations was the biggest challenge in my career as an illustrator. The drawings had to be as truthful as possible, as well as attractive and exciting... No easy task, given the small spaces of the Secret Annex. During the creative process, I never lost sight of the eight people who lived there and their six helpers. They were real people, and I have tried to represent them in a respectful manner.’