Special audio tour for young people at the Anne Frank House


May 3, 2024 — Starting today, young visitors to the Anne Frank House can explore the museum with an audio tour created especially for them. A virtual Anne Frank guides young visitors through the front house and the Secret Annex in this audio tour, sharing her story. A new online video tour is available for those unable to visit the museum.

‘Welcome to the Anne Frank House. I am Anne Frank, and I will be your guide. It’s great to have you here because my story is important. You’ll soon find out why,’ the new audio tour for young people begins. Young people have lent Anne Frank their voices for the different language versions and lead the visitors through the Anne Frank House.

Anne's Story

As they walk through the rooms, visitors hear Anne Frank’s story, set against the backdrop of the Second World War and the persecution of the Jews. At the entrance to the Secret Annex, for instance, they hear: ‘You are about to enter our hiding place. I spent 761 days in this place. Every day, I was afraid of being arrested, but writing in my diary helped me a lot. Writing allowed me to vent. After a while, we placed a revolving bookcase in front of the entrance. It is the bookcase that you are looking at. We hoped it would keep the Nazis from finding us.’


The new audio tour is aimed at museum visitors aged 10 to 15 and is available in eight languages (Dutch, English, German, French, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese).

Video tour

Not all young people have the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank House. Therefore, a new video tour has been created alongside the audio tour. This video tour is in English and can be seen from today 3 PM (CET), in 14 short episodes, on YouTube and Facebook. In the coming weeks, we will also share the episodes on Instagram and TikTok. This video tour guides young viewers through the Anne Frank House using footage filmed in the museum, with a virtual Anne Frank as their guide. The video tour is enhanced with historical images and clips from the Anne Frank video diary.

Watch the series on YouTube
‘The actors playing Anne Frank in the new audio and video tours address the young audiences directly. Anne Frank comes up close and personal. We were able to create these audio and video tours because of the 2022 Culture Fund Award, and we are immensely grateful to the Culture Fund for the award.’

Free visit

On 3 May, marking the 64th anniversary of the Anne Frank House as a museum, 100 newsletter subscribers – adults with children – are invited to visit the Anne Frank House for free and be the first to use the audio tour.