Extraordinary Sound Art Experience at the Anne Frank House


June 5, 2024 — South African composer and sound artist Philip Miller will present an unusual experience at the Anne Frank House every night from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m., from 10 to 16 June 2024. Visitors will witness how the museum spaces are filled with sound, music, and video. The art project Finding Beauty will take centre stage during these evenings.

Philip Miller’s work often addresses social injustice. For Finding Beauty, he explored the life and work of Anne Frank and its contemporary significance with twenty schoolgirls from the township of Masiphumelele near Cape Town and translated it into music. They were also inspired by Anne Frank’s Book of Beautiful Sentences: sentences that Anne Frank copied from books she read in the Secret Annex. The final artistic result integrates the voices, compositions, and girls’ vocals.

‘During the preparations for Philip Miller’s sound project, I had the opportunity to attend one of the workshops. I was struck by the engagement, enthusiasm, and talent of the girls from Cape Town. Although the lives of these girls differ greatly from that of Anne Frank, they share the same dreams. A life of freedom and equality, where one can be oneself.’

New Perspectives

The Anne Frank Stichting invites artists to express their views on the life and work of Anne Frank artistically. For instance, the French writer Lola Lafon spent a night in the Secret Annex and wrote about the experience in her book Quand tu écouteras cette chanson (‘When you listen to this song’). Through these and other interpretations, we hope to offer current and future generations new perspectives on the life and work of Anne Frank.

For Young People

The special evenings at the Anne Frank House are aimed at young people. In collaboration with the Amsterdam Museum Night Foundation, we hope to bring this art project to the attention of young people in and outside of Amsterdam. The collaboration with ‘matchmaker’ Amsterdam Museum Night Foundation helped make Finding Beauty possible, as did the AFK’s support (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).