Travelling exhibitions

Annual Report 2017

The international travelling exhibition ‘Anne Frank – a history for today’ has been displayed in over 3,500 locations in 77 countries since 1996. The exhibition ‘Let me be myself’ has been travelling around the world since 2015.


Between 30 October and 4 November the travelling exhibition Let me be myself could be seen at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris during the organisation’s annual meeting. The Ministers of Education of the 195 member states of UNESCO take part in this meeting, known as the General Conference. This was the first time that a substantive exhibition had been displayed during the General Conference. The UNESCO secretariat chose the Anne Frank exhibition Let me be myself to underscore its preventing violent extremism programme.


In January the exhibition Anne Frank – a history for today opened in the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum in China. This museum tells the story of the almost 20,000 European Jews who sought refuge in Shanghai during the Second World War. The placement of the exhibition was made possible by the Dutch consulate in Shanghai.