Travelling exhibitions and activities

Since 2002 the travelling exhibition Anne Frank – Eine Geschichte für heute is shown by the Austrian Anne Frank Verein. Up to now, thousands of people could visit the exhibition in about 80 different venues.

Through this link below you will find the online material in German on this website.

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Anne Frank Verein Vienna

The Anne Frank Verein in Austria works from Vienna, under the supervision and responsibility of the Anne Frank House. It organises the presentation of exhibitions and their accompanying educational activities in Austria.


A bilingual version of the travelling Anne Frank exhibition has been on show since March 2010, within the framework of the transBorders project that runs in Austrian and Czech schools and youth centres. Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 act as the exhibition guides. In a two-day training seminar, they cover topics such as human rights, human rights dilemmas, and the history of Anne Frank. The exhibition travels from one city near the Austrian-Czech border to the next and the teenagers who participated in the training act as tour guides for their schoolmates and other visitors.

Workshops and public debates are set up within the framework of transBorders as well. To involve a wider audience, these activities preferably take place in youth centres and are open to everybody. The aim of transBorders is to stimulate young people to form their own opinions on topics such as human rights, racism, antisemitism, and tolerance.


For more information about the travelling exhibitions and activities in Austria , please visit the Anne Frank Verein official Facebook page or contact the Anne Frank House project coordinator Austria.