Travelling exhibitions and activities

The travelling exhibition Anne Frank - A History for Today was officially launched at the Bangladesh National Museum in Dhaka in 2015 and in 2018 was displayed at the Liberation War Museum Dhaka alongside educational activities.

Through this link below you will find the online material in Bengali on this website.

To online Bengali educational material

The Exhibition

The Anne Frank exhibition was officially opened on 20th January 2018, by Ms. Leoni Cuelenaere, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Bangladesh and Mr. Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, Honourable Foreign Minister of Bangladesh.

The ceremony was attended by approximately 400 people. After the opening ceremony representatives of the project's main partners participated in a discussion meeting about the possible future of the Anne Frank project in Bangladesh.

The exhibition panels were in Bengali alongside as was the documentary The Short Life of Anne Frank. In total, over 6000 visitors (both students and the general public) visited the exhibition. The history of the Holocaust and the story of Anne Frank served as a starting point for a discussion on the genocide and liberation war in Bangladesh in 1971.

The project was supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Dhaka, the Embassy of Bangladesh in The Hague and Counter Foto, Dhaka.

‘In the ongoing political turmoil in our country, we must remember a figure like Anne Frank whose undying optimism in the face of adversity reflects the human heart’


For more information on the activities organised in Bangladesh, please contact our local partner or the Anne Frank House project coordinator.