Travelling exhibitions and activities

The Memory Walk project was set up in Belarus in 2014 and the travelling exhibition Reading and writing with Anne Frank, followed in 2016. With activities such as these, the Anne Frank House is reaching out to thousands of students in Belarus.

Through this link below you will find the online material in Belarus on this website.

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Memory Walk

Memory Walk has been ongoing since 2014. So far, there have been four Memory Walk creative workshops, in Minsk, in Brest, and in Grodno, with 42 participants.

Topics such as the Soviet culture of memory in contemporary Belarus, the Holocaust in the country, and the Second World War in the collective memory are covered.

You can watch the Memory Walk videos that were created by students participating in the events here.

In addition, we have hosted a seminar for experts and published a manual for educators, based on the comments received from local experts. The project is supported by the Belarusian Oral History Archive.

The travelling exhibition 

The Reading & writing with Anne Frank travelling exhibition has been on tour in Belarus since November 2016. The opening was attended by the German Ambassador, the Chargé d’Affaires a.i. from the Embassy of the Netherlands, a representative from the Israeli Embassy, the head of Public Libraries in Minsk, representatives from local libraries, and members of the public.

So far, the programme has run in several different locations in Minsk. Librarians from various libraries were trained as guides and over a thousand school children have visited the exhibition. Interest has been growing, and many libraries have already volunteered to host the exhibition in the future.


We have many organisations to thank for their contribution to these projects. We have received support from the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw, the Human Constanta, and The Human Rights Centre Viasna. The last two both specialise in workshops on hate speech and bring interactive approaches to anti-discrimination education. One of our partners is the Republican Institute for Higher Education, which creates seminars for university teachers on diversity education and organises History Workshops.


For more information on the activities organised in Belarus, please email the Belarus project coordinator.