Travelling exhibitions and activities

Since 1992 the Anne Frank House has been active in Belgium Flanders with travelling exhibitions and educational activities. From 2005 the French-speaking team of the Anne Frank House has been designing teaching tools and projects, as well as giving training courses in Belgium Wallonia.

Through this link you will find the online material in French and Dutch on this website.

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The French-speaking team of the Anne Frank House currently offers two types of exhibitions designed in support of educational and pedagogical projects across the country.

Journey through memory

The visit of the Anne Frank - A History for Today exhibition – which first opened in Bertrix in 2005 – is set up as a journey through memory. The PAC (Cultural Presence and Action, partner since 2012) coordinated numerous presentations of the project in Wallonia and supported the exhibition in Stavelot (from April 2015 till June 2016) for more than a year.

Reading & Writing with Anne Frank

The Reading & Writing with Anne Frank exhibition was first launched in Wallonia in June 2017, also with the help of PAC. PAC has also organised numerous workshops with us, particularly in education and social centres for adults. Its target audience are children between the ages of 9 and 15, and it is set up around a writing workshop.

More information about Reading & Writing with Anne Frank

Peer Education

In the educational institutions that host the exhibition, young people act as exhibition guides for their peers. Peer education projects are carried out within the framework of a five-year partnership with the formal education network CAF (Teachers Training and Pedagogical Centre) launched in September 2016.

Teacher Training 

Teacher training courses are set up upon request. In April 2015, around 30 teachers and educators participated in a four-day training course in Stavelot, which included a one-day trip to Amsterdam. Some of the workshops were supported by Yad Vashem from Israel.

Contact Wallonia

For more information on the activities organised in Belgium Wallonia, please contact the Website or the Facebook page of Anne Frank - Espace Francophone.

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Contact Flanders

For information on the activities organised in Belgium Flanders, please contact the Anne Frank House Flanders project coordinator.