Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travelling exhibitions and activities

The travelling Anne Frank - A History for Today exhibition opened in Mostar in March 2016. Since then, it has travelled to many museums and galleries and is currently touring the country. As it has been a great success, there are plans for the exhibition to cover most cities in Bosnia.

Through this link below you will find the online material in Bosnian on this website.

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Historija, Istorija, Povijest - Lessons for Today

The Anne Frank – A History for Today exhibition in Bosnia and Herzegovina was launched within the project Historija Istorija Povijest – Lessons for Today. The goals of the project are to raise awareness and encourage discussion about the recent history of nationalism, exclusion, prejudice, and discrimination in the region and to promote debate and dialogue on our common past.

The exhibition also contains seven panels on local history, which contextualise topics that are relevant to the last 70 years of our history, such as the history of our country in World War II and throughout the Yugoslavia period. It also features stories about two girls who wrote diaries just like Anne did, during the siege of Sarajevo.

So far, the exhibition has opened in Mostar, Sarajevo, and Banja Luka. In March 2016, a regional Teacher Training Seminar took place in Mostar. 

The project Historija, Istorija, Povijest was set up by the Anne Frank House in cooperation with partner organisations from Croatia (Croatian Education and Development Network for the Evolution of Communication – HERMES), Bosnia-Herzegovina (Youth Initiative for Human Rights-YIHR and Humanity in Action-HIA), Serbia (Open Communication – OK), and Macedonia (Youth Educational Forum – MOF) and was funded by the European Union (November 2014 – April 2017).

You can find more information about the exhibition, as well as about our other activities on the website of the project: 

Historija Istorija Povijest

Memory Walk 

During the project Historija, Istorija, Povijest – Lessons for Today, the Anne Frank House hosted more than 70 Memory Walk workshops in 11 cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goal was to visit cities and schools where students have few opportunities for non-formal education.

 The workshops inspired the trainers to write projects and record new Memory Walk movies across the country. With financial support from the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, students have recorded ten Memory Walk movies about local monuments from World War II and the recent war in Bosnia. 


For more information on the activities organised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, please email the Anne Frank House Bosnia-Herzegovina project coordinator.