Czech Republic

Travelling exhibitions and activities

The Anne Frank House has been a presence in the Czech Republic since 1994 when it launched the Anne Frank travelling exhibition. In recent years, the development of other projects such as Free2choose has been very successful.

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The travelling exhibition

In 1994, the first Czech language version of the Anna Franková – odkaz pro současnost exhibition was officially opened at Charles University in Prague by President Václav Havel. After 20 years of travelling through more than a hundred locations around the country, the exhibition Anne Frank - a History for Today was replaced by its successor, Let me be myself - the Life Story of Anne Frank. The new exhibition focuses not only on the past but also on the stories of young people today and their experiences with to identity, prejudice, and taking action. 

The project is organised by our partner, the Terezín Initiative Institute. As part of its service, the Institute gives advice on how the exhibit can be incorporated in local programmes or activities in the field of Holocaust education, suggesting guest speakers, theatre performances, and discussions.
More information can be found on the website of the Terezín Initiative Institute.

Terezín Initiative Institute


Over the last few years, there have been several Free2choose workshops in which a variety of Free2choose-Create videos have been produced. The project ran at a number of high schools and resulted in yearlong projects, with weekly lessons. This long-term approach raised the interest in the topics of human rights, democracy, and anti-discrimination. With the development of the videos, public screenings were held, followed by debates with experts. Furthermore, a manual was created to accompany the discussion sessions held after the screenings. The video clips were also used for teachers’ seminars elaborating on the topics discussed in the clips, such as extremism and freedom of expression.

In November 2015, the project culminated in a student and teacher conference titled Human Rights and Extremism which brought together over 60 participants from all over the Czech Republic. Panels and workshops in the conference continued to build on the topics selected by the students in their videos and on current events in the media. The output was that participants developed concrete actions plans for activities to be carried out by students with the supervision of their teachers in the following years.  

In order to discuss fundamental rights dilemmas in society, high school students from the Music Gymnazium Žižkov in Prague, Czech Republic, created this video as a school project led by o.s. Asi-milovani, partner organisation of the Anne Frank House. This project was made possible by funding from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants, and with support from the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. The clip responds to the cancellation of public events due to security threats after the Paris Terror Attacks and the conflict between the need for security and the right to demonstrate.

Free2choose-Create film


For more information on the activities organised in the Czech Republic, please contact our local partner or the Anne Frank House project coordinator.