Travelling exhibitions and activities

The Anne Frank – A History for Today exhibition in Macedonia had its first opening in Skopje in January 2016 as part of the project Historija Istorija Povijest – Lessons for Today. Memory Walk workshops are organised throughout the country.

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Historija, Istorija, Povijest - Lessons for Today

The goals of the project are to educate about the recent history, World War II, the Holocaust, while encouraging reflection on the dangers of antisemitism, racism, and discrimination, and the importance of freedom, equal rights, and democracy. The exhibition also aims to inspire debate about history, remembrance, and memory inside and outside classrooms.
The exhibition includes seven local history panels, which contextualise topics from the last 70 years, such as the country during the World War II period, during the Yugoslavia period, and up to the recent humanitarian crisis of the Balkan-route refugees.


The project Historija, Istorija, Povijest was implemented by the Anne Frank House, in cooperation with local partner organisations from Croatia (Croatian Education and Development Network for the Evolution of Communication – HERMES), Bosnia-Herzegovina (Youth Initiative for Human Rights-YIHR and Humanity in Action-HIA), Serbia (Open Communication – OK) and funded by the European Union (November 2014 – April 2017).

In Macedonia, the local partner of the Anne Frank House is the Youth Educational Forum – MOF. The activities in Macedonia were supported by the Holocaust Memorial Centre for the Jews of Macedonia and the Dutch embassy in Macedonia.

Memory Walk

Within the framework of the project Historija, Istorija, Povijest, a MemoryWalk film workshop took place in Skopje in October 2015. During the workshop, three short films were produced highlighting some contemporary issues related to commemoration and remembrance in Macedonia. MOF trainers conducted 60 Memory Walk workshops across the country.

Memory Walk youtube channel


For more information on the activities organised in Macedonia, please email the Anne Frank House project coordinator or the main coordinator for all Balkan activities.