Travelling exhibitions and activities

The travelling exhibition Reading & Writing with Anne Frank has been touring since 2014, while the Anne Frank – A History for Today exhibition had its opening in Belgrade in April 2016. The exhibitions have been presented in schools, museums, galleries, and libraries.

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Historija, Istorija, Povijest – Lessons for Today

The Anne Frank Exhibition in Serbia was launched as part of the project Historija, Istorija, Povijest – Lessons for Today. Apart from the project’s main goals, which are to educate young people about recent history, the exhibition is set to promote critical thinking about historical events and their relevance to contemporary challenges and to inspire an interdisciplinary, civic-education-oriented history education.

Seven panels about the past 60 years of the country have been added to the exhibition. The panels cover the period of World War II in the region, the persecution of Jews and other groups in Nazi-occupied Serbia, the period of Yugoslavia under Josip Broz Tito, and the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. 

Two regional Teacher Training Seminars were held in Čačak in March 2015 and in Belgrade in April 2016.


The project was supported by the Anne Frank House, in cooperation with local partner organisations from Croatia (Croatian Education and Development Network for the Evolution of Communication – HERMES), Bosnia-Herzegovina (Youth Initiative for Human Rights-YIHR and Humanity in Action-HIA), Macedonia (Youth Educational Forum – MOF), Serbia (Open Communication – OK, a youth-led non-governmental association) and is funded by the European Union.

Reading & Writing with Anne Frank

The project, designed for younger students, has been touring Serbia since 2014. The exhibition has travelled to more than 35 cities, 80 libraries and schools, engaging over 8,000 students.


In Serbia, the main activities are run in cooperation with the Serbian cultural institutions and authorities, such as the National Library of Serbia and the IHRA delegation of the Republic of Serbia, with Terraforming as the local partners.

Memory Walk

Within the context of the project Historija, Istorija, Povijest – Lessons for today, 89 Memory Walk workshops were conducted in Serbia. Special attention was paid to geographical diversity, so the trainers of Open Communication visited 23 cities and municipalities across the country. 

The workshops took place in different schools: 41 grammar schools, 42 vocational high schools, and 6 elementary schools. The goal was to visit cities and schools that offered less opportunities for non-formal education. Altogether, approximately 2000 pupils participated, and more than 100 professors attended the workshops.
You can watch the films created during the workshops.

Memory Walk films Serbia


For more information on the activities organised in Serbia, please contact our local partner or the main coordinator for all Balkan activities.