Travelling exhibitions and activities

The international travelling exhibition Anne Frank – A History for Today has been on tour in Slovenia since 2012. The project was organised by the Anne Frank Verein Österreich, in cooperation with local partners. In 2013, a Free2choose-Create project was launched as well.

Through this link below you will find the online material in Slovenian on this website.

To online Slovenian educational material

The travelling exhibition

The bilingual (Slovenian-German) version of the Anne Frank - A History for Today exhibition has been touring Slovenia since 2012. The first venue was the Gimnazija Šentvid in Ljubljana, and then the exhibition went on to schools in Jesenice and Maribor.

In Maribor the expanded version was presented, with a section called Anna’s Maribor Peers, which told the stories of Jewish children and teenagers from Maribor during the Holocaust. The exhibition in the Prva Gimnazija secondary school was located next to the memorial plaque of the local partisans. 


In 2013 the film project Free2choose-Create was launched in Slovenia. You can find the films on the Free2choose-Create youtube channel.

Free2choose-Create youtube channel


For more information on the activities organised in Slovenia, please contact our local partner or the Anne Frank House project coordinator.