South Africa

Travelling exhibitions and activities

Since August 2009, the travelling Anne Frank exhibition, with added educational modules, has visited 12 schools in the Soweto and Johannesburg area. Most of the participants of our workshops are representatives of the "born free generation : kids born after the first democratic elections of 1994.

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The travelling exhibition

The travelling exhibition Anne Frank – A History for Today does not only visit schools. Like in other countries, specialists from the Anne Frank House train students to become peer guides who then take other pupils from their own and neighbouring schools through the exhibition in a 45-minute tour. The young people exchange thoughts and learn from each other.

Guided Tours

The story of Anne Frank, her diary, and the exhibition are a great source of inspiration to the students, especially to those who come from township schools and who have to deal with poverty and crime on a daily basis. Such hardships not only hinder their everyday life, but more importantly, their educational opportunities. These students reflect critically on the progress made in their community and can pinpoint xenophobia, discrimination, and intolerance. By spreading the message of Anne Frank, they become instruments of change for a more tolerant South Africa.


In the Free2choose-Create workshops, young people learn about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how to translate their thoughts on the subject to video. By discussing local matters, the students see that human rights play a role in their everyday life too. Their own documentary-style video clips serve as a starting point in discussing these rights.

Free2choose-Create film Soweto


For more information on the activities organised in South Africa, please contact the Anne Frank House project coordinator.