Travelling exhibitions and activities

The Anne Frank House has been active in Turkey since 2010. The Anne Frank exhibition was shown in the major cities, and educational materials - including chapters on the Turkish context - were introduced on a large scale.

Through this link below you will find the online material in Turkish on this website.

To online Turkish educational material

The travelling exhibition and workshops

The Turkish-English travelling exhibition Anne Frank – Günümüz için bir Tarih was presented in four cities: Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, and Diyarbakir, and travelled to Bursa and Istanbul again in 2016.

Peer guide and teacher trainings were organised, as well as six educational workshops on the topics of Turkey, the Holocaust, and antisemitism.

Free2choose-Create, FairPlay, and Memory Walk workshops were held, more are to be organised all over the country. Additionally, educational materials were developed in Turkish and Turkish content was developed.

Free2choose-Create youtube channel
Fair Play Serious Game
Memory Walk youtube channel


Turkish versions of the ten Best of Free2Choose clips have been made available to educators. In addition, a group of Turkish students have produced two Free2choose-Create films of their own on the topics of freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom from discrimination. These films can be found on our Free2choose-CreateYouTube channel and are being used as an educational tool in Turkish schools and universities.

The dilemma in this Free2choose-Create filmTurkey: Should media be allowed to report in a derogatory manner about minorities?


For more information on the activities organised in Turkey, please contact the Anne Frank House project coordinator.  

‘Teaching about the Holocaust is in essence the story of being confronted with the past. For no country it is easy to be confronted with its own history. Students can learn a great deal by studying events of mass murder and severe human rights violations.’