Online tour of the VR-Secret Annex

Visit Anne Frank's hiding place online
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  • antisemitism
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  • second world war
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  • primary education
  • secondary education basic
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  • secondary vocational education
  • pedagogical academy primary education

The Anne Frank House opens its door online. We think it is important that young people become acquainted with Anne Frank’s life story and get to visit the place where she went into hiding and wrote her diary. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to visit the actual hiding place in Amsterdam. The virtual guided tour of the Secret Annex offers a good alternative.

For who
primary education, secondary education basic, pedagogical academy primary education, secondary education advanced, secondary vocational education
1 hour
on request

How does it work?
Our educator will connect online with the students and explore the different rooms of the Secret Annex in a VR-environment. Together they will discuss the people in hiding, the helpers and the premises. Why did the Frank family had to go into hiding and why did they hide in this particular building? Who were the other people in hiding and what was their everyday life like? And of course the diary will be discussed and there will be room for questions. Moreover, the Secret Annex Online shows the hiding place furnished and gives an impression of what the rooms looked like during the hiding period. 

The Online Tour of the VR-Secret Annex takes about one hour and is tailored to your group of students.


Technical requirements
To assure the best possible experience you will need a good internet connection, a recent version of your preferred internet browser, a Digiboard (preferably with webcam and sound) and access to Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet. Students can also participate individually with their tablet or PC. 

May we record the Online Museum Tour for Schools?
No, audio or video recording of the tour is not allowed.