Stories that Move

Interactive online lessons about diversity and discrimination
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  • discrimination
  • prejudice
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Stories that Move is a free online tool, available in seven languages and based on true stories and the experiences of young people. It is a safe online learning environment with a focus on diversity, inclusiveness, and various types of discrimination, and the complicated questions raised by these issues.

For who
secondary education basic, pedagogical academy primary education, secondary education advanced
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video, digital lesson, manual, workshop
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Stories that Move | Introduction

The lessons

The lessons have been divided into five learning paths with optional components. Each learning path revolves around a theme that is linked to discrimination or diversity. The learning paths contain fun and practical assignments as well as short videos in which young people talk about their experiences.
There are online and offline assignments, as well as individual and group activities. The students are addressed individually, and they interact with the topics in various ways. 
The comprehensive teaching modules allow teachers to get started right away. The lessons come with worksheets and teacher guides, and a demo has been added to try them out.


Seeing and being

This lesson is about diversity and identity. We examine how we see ourselves and how we see others, reflecting on the multiple identities that people possess and the need to approach diversity from a positive angle.

Exploring discrimination

We come to understand how prejudice and discrimination surface in anti-Semitism, racism, and other forms of discrimination that affect young people.

Stories from the past

We delve into the personal stories of people from different periods in time and come to realise that although discrimination is a long-standing issue, it is also something we can learn to counter.

Controlling the media

We examine the extent to which propaganda, stereotypes, prejudice, and hateful language are intricate parts of the Internet - and what we can do about that.

Getting involved

We reflect on what it means to take action and encourage other young people to take action by presenting examples from various youth initiatives across Europe.

Videos with young people

In Stories that Move, students from six different countries have positive stories to share in spite of their own experiences with exclusion and discrimination. The teaching material goes into racism, anti-Semitism, and discrimination against Roma and Sinti, Muslims, and LGBT. The inclusive approach leaves room for everyone’s personal story. 
The videos illustrate how young people all across Europe are experiencing similar difficulties. In addition to the personal angle, Stories that Move offers a wider perspective on the impact of prejudice and discrimination.

Go to Stories that Move

The website of Stories that Move contains more information about the modules, the educational background, and our view on discrimination, as well as short videos from international experts.
The lesson material and the Stories that Move are provided free of charge and is available in 7 different languages.

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