Stories that Move

Annual report 2018

The Anne Frank House and partners in six European countries have together developed a multilingual online toolbox to bring discrimination, racism and antisemitism up for discussion in the classroom. The toolbox is provided free of charge. The launch took place on 28 June in Berlin.

Digital toolbox

Stories that Move is a digital toolbox that teachers can use to discuss various forms of discrimination and racism in the classroom. On the basis of 27 personal stories of people of their own age, young people learn to think critically about diversity and discrimination, and about their own positions and choices. The toolbox also offers five learning programmes with online and offline materials in which identity and prejudice, everyday situations of discrimination, personal stories, history, media reporting and taking action are examined.

β€˜It seems more important than ever to discuss and understand discrimination – both in the past and the present – and to have an online toolbox to help lead our students to both empathy and empowerment.’


The innovative toolbox is available in English, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Polish, Slovakian and Ukrainian, and includes personal films by young people on the influence of hate crimes, exclusion and discrimination, in the past and the present.

In the context of the remembrance of Kristallnacht and the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Karen Polak led a workshop on Stories that Move in the headquarters of the United Nations in New York on 2 November.

Stories that Move has been awarded the Comenius EduMedia Medal of 2018 for excellent teaching material.

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