Support the Anne Frank House in countering discrimination


Nov. 10, 2020 — Unequal treatment and discrimination in all its forms throw people into turmoil and commotion worldwide. In accordance with its mission, especially in these times, the Anne Frank House aims to help young people acquire the knowledge and skills needed to counter discrimination. An online educational toolbox has been developed for this: Stories that Move.

To get a million young people down to work with Stories that Move our organisation has started a crowdfunding action.

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In the online toolbox Stories that Move young people talk about their experiences of discrimination. Its power lies in their relatable, sometimes harrowing personal narratives, which form the starting point for further investigating discrimination and exchanging personal experiences and standpoints. The toolbox provides in-depth information about discrimination, but also about other subjects such as diversity and the use of media, and includes educational aids for teachers on topics such as creating a safe group atmosphere and leading group discussions.

The Stories that Move online toolbox is available everywhere, free of charge: a big plus now that many teachers and young people are giving and receiving education remotely. In 2018 Stories that Move won the Comenius EduMedia Award for outstanding digital educational materials.

Erasmus+ funding

Since the launch of Stories that Move in 2018 the Anne Frank House, with the help of seven European partners, has succeeded in reaching 20,000 teachers, and through them a million students.

The Erasmus+ grant from the European Union has made an amount of €500,000 available for Stories that Move: for giving workshops, creating a Spanish-language version and developing modules for international youth exchange programmes. An important precondition for receiving the Erasmus+ grant is 30% co-financing.


The Anne Frank House has the expertise and the network to further roll out and expand Stories that Move, but because of the corona crisis we have lost the revenue from the Anne Frank House museum to be able to contribute €150,000. To be able to meet the requirement of 30% of the Erasmus+ grant we have therefore started a crowdfunding action. We are asking the public to help us reach a million young people with Stories that Move, and help them acquire the knowledge and skills to combat discrimination. Donations can be made via Gofundme.