The Anne Frank House in virtual reality

The Secret Annex VR app

Explore the hiding place of Anne Frank and her family in virtual reality using the ‘Anne Frank House VR’ app. The app provides a very special view into the Secret Annex where Anne Frank and the seven other people hid during WWII.

The furnished Secret Annex

In the VR app, all of the rooms in the Secret Annex are furnished according to how it was when occupied by the group in hiding, between 1942 and 1944. Everything was carefully built and modelled in 3D by Vertigo Games, the creators of the app.

Empty Secret Annex

In the actual museum, the Secret Annex is empty. After the eight people hiding in the house were found and arrested, the furniture was removed. Leaving the rooms of the Secret Annex empty was the wish of Otto Frank, Anne’s father.

Multilingual and free of charge

The virtual reality tour takes about 25 minutes, provides background information and is available in seven languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew.

Using the Virtual Reality app

The VR app is suitable for Oculus Rift and Quest, Gear VR, Steam and PICO.

Download the free VR-app from PICO
Download the free VR-app in the Steam store
Download the free VR-app from Meta Quest
Download the free VR-app from Meta Rift