Our partners

The international partners of the Anne Frank House

In Germany, the UK, Austria, Argentina, and the United States, we work with our long-standing partner organisations. They increase awareness of Anne Frank’s life story and carry out educational programmes. In other countries, we often cooperate with organisations that share our mission.

Anne Frank Zentrum, Berlin

The Anne Frank Zentrum has been organising a German tour of the international Anne Frank exhibition since 1998. The Zentrum hosts educational activities in Berlin and beyond.

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Anne Frank Trust, London

The Anne Frank Trust in London was set up in 1991 and organises a number of educational activities. In addition, the Trust handles the setup and the accompanying educational programme of the international Anne Frank exhibition in the UK and Ireland.

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Centro Ana Frank, Buenos Aires

The Centro Ana Frank was opened in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2009. The Centro houses a permanent Anne Frank exhibition. In addition, the Centro Ana Frank organises a number of educational activities in Argentina.

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The Anne Frank Center at UofSC

The University of South Carolina has a partnership with the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam since 2021. The Center is home to a permanent exhibition and organises educational activities.  

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Anne Frank Verein, Vienna

The Anne Frank Verein Österreich has been organising the Austrian tour of the international Anne Frank exhibition since 2002. In addition, they organise their own educational activities.

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Other partner organisations

We work together with numerous other organisations all over the world that share a similar mission. They organise travelling exhibitions and workshops for and by young people to make people aware of the dangers of prejudice and discrimination, and of the importance of equal rights and democracy.

Worldwide activities