Anne Frank Video Diary

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In order to tell the story of Anne Frank and the persecution of the Jews in a way that appeals to young people, the Anne Frank House has created a 15-part YouTube series: the Anne Frank video diary. In addition, we offer seven educational episodes with accompanying teaching material. 

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primary education, secondary education basic, secondary education advanced, secondary vocational education
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worksheet, video, manual

Using Anne Frank video diary in the classroom

The fifteen episodes of the video diary are accompanied by seven educational videos that emphasise the fact that the video diary is based on a true story, and that deal with themes such as discrimination, scapegoating, making choices, and freedom. In addition to the videos educational materials are developed for both Primairy and Secondairy education. 

Primairy education

Have your pupils watch all fifteen episodes of the Anne Frank video diary as well as the seven educational explainer episodes on YouTube. After watching the videos, the pupils get to fold their own workbook and answer questions that help them process the themes discussed in the video series. 

Download the workbook

Secondairy education

Have your students watch an episode of the Anne Frank video diary and the educational explainer accompanying the episode to provide more context of the persecution of the Jews and the Second World War. Afterwords you can provide your students with a worksheet that consist of different activities: 

  1. Students watch the episode and educational explainer in the classroom. 
  2. Students interpret the historical source material themselves. 
  3. Students work on group assignments in groups of four. 
  4. Students engage in a whole-class discussion about the critical thinking question shown at the end of the educational explainer episode. 
Download worksheets and view all educational explainers