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Digital lesson | Democracy

Experience the importance of democracy and the rule of law
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Democracy matters to all of us. However, for pupils and/or students it is often an abstract concept. In this interactive lesson, an animated video explains the concept of democracy and how democracy affects their daily lives.

For who
secondary education basic, secondary education advanced, secondary vocational education
30 minutes
Consists of
video, manual, LessonUp digital lesson

Lesson Description

Equal rights, freedom and democracy cannot be taken for granted. The Second World War and the Holocaust teach us that democracy and the rule of law are indispensable for a peaceful society. It is important that we learn from this history.

In this interactive method, pupils or students learn about the concept of democracy using an animated video. They experience how democracy affects their daily lives and discover how they too can contribute to protecting democracy.

The short animation is inspired by the book 'On Tyranny' by history professor Timothy Snyder. The working method also contains a video in which a young person talks about what democracy means to him. His story is the starting point for a classroom discussion in which you explore the value of democracy with your students.