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Digital lesson | The Secret Annex

Exploring Anne Frank’s hiding place
  • anne frank
  • citizenship
  • second world war
  • Dutch
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • basisonderwijs
  • voortgezet onderwijs

In the digital lesson The Secret Annex, students explore the main house and the annex as they were during the hiding period. Film clips show what happened during that time and what daily life in the Secret Annex was like for the Frank family, the other people in hiding, and the helpers.

For who
primary education
60 minuten
Consists of
manual, LessonUp digital lesson
Maximum # of participants

Film clip about the people in hiding and their helpers

The people in hiding and their helpers are introduced in a short film clip. In the assignment, the students put the photos of these people in the category of the ‘helpers’ or of the ‘people in hiding’. Then, they add a description to each of the photos. In the next film clip, Anne Frank herself shows them around the Secret Annex.

Assignment: A quest in the Secret Annex

In the quest on the interactive whiteboard, students search the different rooms of the main house and the annex for answers to the questions on the board.

Assignment based on a cross section of Prinsengracht 263

On the IWB, students see a cross-section of the main house and the annex of Prinsengracht 263. This helps them understand where the relevant rooms are located.