Toolkit Anne Frank Youth Network

Learn, Plan, Prepare, Teach and Respond
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  • antisemitism
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  • discrimination
  • holocaust
  • second world war
  • prejudice
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We have developed a toolkit to support members of the Anne Frank Youth Network with their educational projects. This toolkit provides a set of resources and case studies that they can use to develop, plan, and execute their educational activities.

Consists of
training, video, timeline, manual, writing task, story to read to children, workshop, pdf-file, assignment, glossary

The Toolkit

To guide members of the Anne Frank Youth Network through their educational projects we have compiled all sorts of tools, resources and instruction into a Toolkit. This Toolkit contains in-depth information about Anne Frank, her life story and the historical context of what happened to her. Included in the kit are some examples of the most successful educational activities for young people to guide members of the Anne Frank Youth Network through their own projects.

The content

The Toolkit is split into five sections,– learn, plan, prepare, teach and respond– each aiming to guide you through the different stages of executing your educational activity. The sections will contain multi-media material such as worksheets to fill in, instructional material, as well as testimonies from other peer educators describing how they followed these steps while undergoing their own projects.

Support and guidance

We encourage our members to take responsibility for the social environemt in which they live in. Through direct support, direction and guidance from experienced members of the Anne Frank Youth Network and experts within their region, members are encouraged to organise their own educational activities and work towards making a difference in today´s society.

Educational activities

Members create diverse and unique projects concerning which ever topics they are most passionate about. While learning about the history of Anne Frank in the context of the Second World War and the Holocaust, they may want to organise educational activities to:

  • Challenge discrimination and prejudice
  • Understand values of equal rights
  • Organise events and activities
  • Arrange social media campaigns

Downloads Anne Frank Youth Network Toolkit

The toolkit and its resources are available in nine languages. You can choose a language version from the list.