Conservation and management of the Anne Frank Collection

Taking care of the collection

Every year, over 1.2 million visitors make their way through the Anne Frank House. It is a challenge to keep the original items in the House in good condition. In addition, we manage the collection items in storage. Every item is catalogued, photographed, and researched.

Composition of the collection

The Anne Frank House is committed to obtaining original items related to the history of Anne Frank. Otto Frank contributed substantially to the original collection. Over the years, the museum collection has grown through purchases, gifts, and loans.

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Conserving original items for the future

The condition of the collection items in the depot, such as letters and photographs, is regularly and carefully checked, as are the original elements of the Secret Annex, such as the bookcase, door and window frames, doors, and staircases. Together with a range of experts, we look for safe options to present the collection. We have taken conservation measures and selected the right climate to keep the objects in good condition.

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Digitising the collection

A large part of our collection has been digitised in Metamorfoze, the Dutch programme for the preservation of paper heritage.

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Loan requests

Objects from the collection of the Anne Frank House are available for loan, provided they are in good condition and the applicant meets the conditions for transport and use.

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