The Frank family home in 360 degrees

The interior in the original style

Look around the house where Anne Frank and her family lived before they went into hiding. The interior was photographed in 360 degrees and can now be seen in Google Arts & Culture.

The Frank family home

From 1933 to 1942, before Anne Frank and her family had to go into hiding, she lived with her parents and sister at Merwedeplein square in Amsterdam. They lived a happy life, until the Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany. After going into hiding in 1942, they would never return to this address.
After the Frank family had left, several other families lived at Merwedeplein 37-2. In 2004, housing cooperation Ymere, in collaboration with the Anne Frank House, restored the house to its original 1930s style. After careful research, furniture was selected that could have been used by the Frank family.

Not open to the public

The house is inhabited and therefore not open to the public. The Anne Frank House acquired the house in 2017 and lets it to the Dutch Foundation for Literature, which invites a new ‘refugee writer’ to live there every year. These ‘refugee writers’ are foreign writers who cannot work freely in their own countries. The house is a safe haven and a place to write in peace.

‘We feel that this is an appropriate destination for Anne Frank's former home. It is a place where freedom, tolerance, and free speech are given free rein. The 360-degree images allow us to share this special place with the public.’

Read the story about the Frank family home and take a digital glimpse in its rooms with the presentation of the Google Arts & Culture Institute.

Watch de Google Arts & Culture presentation

Visit the home of the Frank family in Amsterdam, as it was before they went into hiding. All the rooms are furnished and have the same appearance as when the Frank family lived there.

View the house in 360 degrees

Would you like to know more about the Frank family’s life on Merwedeplein? Historian Rian Verhoeven gives guided tours of the square and surrounding area which feature Anne Frank and her neighbours. 

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