What we do

Strategic goals

Informing the public and education

The strategic goals of The Anne Frank House are inspired by our mission. This mission basically consists of two closely related main tasks: informing the public, and education.

Informing the public

Our first task is to increase global awareness of Anne Frank’s life story. We use the museum, our exhibitions, and (online) publications to do so. 


Our second task is education. We encourage young people to think about the dangers of antisemitism, racism, and discrimination, and about the significance of freedom, equal rights, and democracy. We develop educational activities and products that can be applied by our organisation as well as others.

Peer education is an important element of our educational programmes. In peer education, young people share the story of Anne Frank with other young people. This increases their involvement.

Strategic goals for 2019

Based on the organisation’s mission statement, we have decided on the following strategic goals for the period from 2016 to 2019: 

We intend:

  • to carefully manage the Secret Annex, the place where Anne Frank was in hiding and wrote her diary, and welcome those who want to visit this place.
  • to share the life story of Anne Frank with as many people as possible, with the aid of an historically reliable, authentic, and appealing presentation of her life story.
  • to prevent and fight antisemitic notions and actions.
  • to make our target group aware of ways of thinking and acting that will lead to racism and discrimination, and to encourage young people to make an active contribution to the promotion and maintenance of an open, pluriform, and democratic society.